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The Watford and District Snooker and Billiards League has provided the men and women of Hertfordshire with competitive Snooker for many years now, and continues to do so as one of the largest League's in the country.

Records tell us that in the 1949-50 season there were only 10 teams in the league, the highest break was rewarded with the princely sum of fifteen shillings, and 500 result cards cost the extortionate sum of £1 and 10 shillings!

A final statistic from that season was that the League finished the season in the black to the tune of Ten pounds, One shilling and five and a half pence.

As time has progressed the League has moved forward positively, and has peaked at a membership of some ninety six teams, giving us a Premier division, and five other divisions of sixteen teams, and it had a waiting list on top of that! These were the days of uninterrupted Snooker, from September all the way through to April.

There have been many breaks of 70 and 80 and over now compared with just twenty years ago. Mark Worley of The St Albans Conservative Club almost equalled the highest ever break of 128, previously held by both Tim Norris of The S & L Social Club and Andy Lavin of Rickmansworth British Legion, but sadly missed the final black for a total clearance. Both Tim and Andy both went on to try their luck in the professional game.

Today, as with so many other sports, the League has suffered greatly with changes in lifestyle generally and the shortage of cash in people's pockets. However, it continues to offer competitive snooker to an even larger area and far more competitions than ever before. Although reduced to just three divisions the League will grow again and will I am sure we all hope will continue to do so for many more years to come.

Snooker Rules

Here is a link to the official snooker rules page:
WPBSA Official Rules of the games of Snooker and Billiards

The "miss" rule does not apply in our league.

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