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    05 Jul 2021

    The Inter-League Champion of Champions was held in Harlow in June. Congrats to our representative Steve Bartropp for reaching the semi-finals, before succumbing to East Sussex Champion Zack Richardson, who was the eventual winner. Well done Steve!

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    25 Jun 2021

    Hi all! I thought you might be eager to know if there is any activity regards re-starting the league again.

    We had our first Committee meeting for a year on Wednesday, and the AGM is being held on 8th July, so we will be able to announce the agreed plans after that.

    All looking positive though, so hope to see you all very soon!



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    06 Feb 2021

    Many of us have fond memories of Tim Norris and his dad Dave. Sadly Dave passed away last week after a long illness. Condolences to Tim and his family. Thanks to Dave Cartmel for letting me know

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    06 Nov 2020

    As reigning Champions, the A Team went into this year as favourites, with our B Team - last year's runners-up - close behind. Due to Covid rules, teams were restricted to 3, instead of the usual 4 this year.

    The A Team of Mark Worley - last year's Player of the Tournament - Damian Wilks and Robbie Powell took to the stage along with The B Team of Dave Maley, Danny Brocklehurst and Jeff Worts. 

    At the end of the group stages on Saturday the A team comfortably topped their group, with some outstanding performances, with Byfleet second, so go through to Sunday's semi finals. Unfortunately the B team didn't get through, with Harrow and Milton Keynes A qualifying. 

    Sunday's semi final against Milton Keynes turned out to be a muted affair, and we didn't reach the heights of Saturday - with the exception of Damian, who was our star performer this year with only one loss in 8 frames over the two days. Milton Keynes went on to the final and ironically lost to Byfleet who we had beaten 4-2 in the group stages the day before.

    Never the less, we all had a great week-end.

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    21 Oct 2020

    At this moment in time, the annual Inter-League tournament is still on this week-end at Racks Snooker Club in Maidenhead. We again have two teams entered - the A Team, who are the reigning champions, and our B Team - last year's runners-up.

    This year the organisers have restricted the teams to 3 players, instead of the usual 4 due to the 'rule of six'.

    I will keep you posted with their progress....

    Good luck boys!

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    13 Oct 2020

    Hi all!

    After the AGM was held in August, it was agreed that I should issue a questionnaire to all team captains to discuss with their team members options for POSSIBLY October/November, or in the New Year, and how their players felt about restarting.

    Sadly, only 25% of team captains responded, but the general consensus from those that did suggested that it was unlikely that a re-start could happen before the New Year. Then of course the 10 pm curfew came in, so it now appears there is no chance of a restart until the New Year at the earliest.

    The Committee has agreed that we obviously continue to monitor any progress, and to perhaps resend the questionnaire early in the New Year - if there are signs of improvement, but I'm sure you agree there is nothing we can really do at present except wait.

    Feel free to share your thoughts though!

    One brighter bit of news is that the 2020 Inter-League Tournament is, at present, still going ahead on 24th and 25th October at Racks in Maidenhead. Our victorious 'A' Team, who narrowly defeated our 'B' Team in last year's final are both entered again, so wish them luck!



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    07 Aug 2020

    Hi again all! Hope everyone is safe and happy. We are holding a restricted AGM on Thursday 20th August at Kings Langley Services Club, which is limited to two representatives per club due to the obvious restrictions. The main discussions will be on what the possibilities are for a league and/or competition restart - depending on how things develop in the coming weeks and months. Please share yours ideas with your Club Rep ready for the meeting. Thanks!

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    18 Mar 2020

    Hi again all,

    Well, almost as soon as the Committee made the previous announcement on Monday morning it became almost outdated by the evening due to Boris's update. In light of increasing numbers of League Members self-isolating, we now feel we should take the responsible decision to suspend the league fixtures until further notice. If you wish to continue playing your team and individual cup matches then that is your prerogative. We will of course update you as the situation unfolds. Regards,


    Dear all,

    The WDBSL Committee feels that it is appropriate to make an announcement about how the Coronavirus could or will affect the League and Competitions during the next few weeks. Although the conclusion to the season could very quickly be taken out of our hands over the next few days - either by  Government or by member club decisions - we feel that we should invite you to continue with matches as long as your team is comfortable to do so. We will be sympathetic towards teams that have a stronger view towards isolation, and this could particularly be the case for teams with more senior members.

    Therefore, if any team is uncomfortable playing in the current climate, then there will be no penalties for cancelling matches even at short notice, but we ask people to be as respectful to other teams where possible. 

    We strongly recommend that teams and their members adhere to Government recommendations regards washing hands, and contact. We recommend that the traditional shaking of hands with your opponent should be replaced with a ‘nod or a ‘thumbs up’, but perhaps a discussion/agreement between team captains before matches commence could be an option, so that no-one is offended.

    Regards individual competitions, we are now at the semi-final stage. It would be helpful if you completed your matches sooner rather than later, so that we only have the finals to worry about, and at worst finals could be delayed until we return to normal.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues.

    Jash    07944181237

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    04 Mar 2020


    END OF SEASON PARTY (and presentation and hot buffet)

    LIVE BAND - Five Fold Kiss

    World No 34 Martin O'Donnell will be presenting the trophies

    Friday 29th May 2020. 7.30 until late at Kings Langley Services Club, 3 Hempstead Road, Herts WD4 8BJ. £14.00

    This is not just about coming along if you won a trophy - it's also for the rest of us to have a great fun night of dancing and grub with our snooker mates and our partners, so please come along and support us!

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    03 Dec 2019

    Below is an in-depth summary of the week-end by the the LHC Chairman - Paul Ives:

    Hi Everyone,

    Apologies for the delay in getting this sent out, thank you to Kelvin Jones for reminding me!

    Firstly, and most importantly, we have NEW champions.

    Watford have won their second ever Interleague Championship (1999) and first in the LHC era, but it was by no means a walk in the park, they came through two deciding frames and required an immense amount of bottle to make it over the line in a highly competitive second day.


    Day 1

    Group A

                                               W            D             L              PTS

    Watford B                            2              1              0              5

    Byfleet                                 2              1              0              4*

    Thames Valley B                 1              0              2              2

    Harrow                                 0              0              3              0**


    *Byfleet docked one point due to dress code infringement.

    ** Harrow withdrew from event the day prior.


    Watford B            4-4          Byfleet

    Byfleet                 8-0          Thames Valley B

    Watford B            7-1          Thames Valley B


    Group B

                                               W            D             L              PTS

    Watford                               3              0              0              6

    Thames Valley                    1              1              1              3

    Oxford                                  0              2              1              2

    Brighton Juniors               0              1              2              1


    Oxford                  4-4          Brighton Juniors

    Watford               6-2          Thames Valley

    Watford               8-0          Oxford

    Thames Valley   7-1          Brighton Juniors

    Oxford                  4-4          Thames Valley

    Watford               6-2          Brighton Juniors


    The first day featured some feisty tussles, including another mammoth battle between rivals Thames Valley and Oxford.

    Defending champions Byfleet struggled early on, foreshadowing what was to come on day 2.


    Highest Break – Paul Bunyard 101

    Top Players – Damian Wilks, Beau Quigley, Dave Maley, Mark Worley, Ryan Mears, Paul Bunyard. – All 100%


    Day 2

    Semi Finals


    Watford B            5-3          Thames Valley


    Beau Quigley the stand out man for Watford B here, winning both frames comfortably, solid performances from Maley, Brocklehurst and Worts reversing the result from last years Semi Final.


    Watford               5-4          Byfleet


    The streak is over! Defending champions Byfleet lose for only the second time in LHC, and ends a 10 match unbeaten run. A close match from start to finish, both halves of the match finishing 3-1 either way.

    In a tight and nervy decider Mark Worley overcame Ryan Mears to put Watford in the final.


    3/4 Place Play Off

    Byfleet                  5-2          Thames Valley


    Losing this title for the first time surely provoked a response from the Byfleet boys as they managed to produce two centuries in the same match for the first time, first up was Alan Harvey, 106 in his first frame against Alan Grainger, but then step up Ryan Mears, still reeling from his deciding frame defeat at the hands of Worley, he would have beaten his highest break but for an unfortunate bounce out on the blue, on his was to 140, break ended at 122 and we have a new highest LHC break!



    Watford               5-4          Watford B


    Well, the first time we’ve had two teams from the same league meet each other and it produced a civil war in our final. Just like the semi final for Watford as it was nip and tuck all the way.

    But it all came down to one man, Mark Worley, fantastic all weekend, he took on Beau Quigley in the decider, showing all his years of experience to ensure that Watford’s ‘A Team’ was the ‘A Team’ in the South East. In doing so Mark took the Top Player award for this years event.

    Top Player – Mark Worley 12/12 – 100%

    Highest Break – Ryan Mears 122


    Thank you to all that attended over the weekend, thank you to Racks Snooker Club and thank you to Andy Johnson of Berkshire Pool TV for the live steaming. The event will be back again next year, same venue, same weekend, October 24th & 25th at Racks, Maidenhead. Put it in your diaries folks!

    Next up for LHC Snooker is the fantastic Champion Of Champions Tournament, defending champion Dylan Leary, coming on January 19th, more details coming soon.


    Paul Ives

    LHC Snooker Chairman.


    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


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    28 Oct 2019

    Wow! What a week-end! For those of you not following events over the week-end on the Facebook page the day started with an early minibus drive to Racks Snooker Club in Maidenhead on Saturday 26th October. A Team - Steve Bartropp, Mark Worley, Damian Wilks and Robbie Powell, and B Team - Dave Maley, Danny Brocklehurst, Beau Quigley and Jeff Worts. Both teams ended the day topping their groups unbeaten, with the top two teams from each group progressing to Sunday's semi-finals. Watford A drew Byfleet - the champions for 2017 and 2018 - and won 5-4, with Mark Worley winning the deciding frame. The B Team beat Thames Valley 5-3 in the other semi. 

    This resulted in an amazing all Watford final. The match was locked at 4-4, with Mark Worley beating Beau Quigley in the decider. So, Watford A the Champions, but what a great week-end for both teams, and fantastic for the Watford League.

    Special congratulations to Mark Worley who also picked up the 'Best Player' trophy after going the whole week-end unbeaten - 12 frames, including two play-off deciding frames for his team.

    A great week-end - great fun with a special bunch of lads. Much beer drunk, and laughs all the way! Well done guys, Jash.

    Please see the Fun Page of the website for photos.

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    28 Oct 2019

    Inter-League Championships are coming up on the 26th October at Racks in Maidenhead.

    We have two team entries - A Team - Steve Bartropp, Rob Powell, Mark Worley and Damian Wilks, and B Team - Dave Maley, Danny Brocklehurst, Beau Quigley and Jeff Worts.

    Anyone wishing to come and support are welcome - it's a great day out with some great snooker!

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    27 Aug 2019


    Hi all!


    The new season starts on the 12th September 2019, with two divisions of 13 teams - due to us losing three teams.


    The handicaps have been adjusted at the annual handicap meeting - attended by 16 players and team captains on Weds 21st August - and these are now on the Competitions Page as per last season.


    The main difference this season is that in league and team cup competitions no player will have more than a 35 'start' against his or her opponent. The reasoning behind this is to differentiate between one-frame snooker and 5- frame competition matches.


    Please ensure you read the League Rules page . The main change is that we have lost the league results and competion telephone lines. Therefore, all league results must now be emailed - preferably on the night, or by 5 pm the following day latest - to the dedicated email address on the website Home Page. Competiton results must now either be emailed or txted as shown on the Home Page.


    The revised fixtures are also now on the fixtures page.


    Handbooks are being printed as we speak, and I will announce a date for collection by team captains shortly.


    Many thanks!





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    03 Jun 2019
    AGM 2019

    This year's AGM starts at 8 pm on Thursday 4th July at Kings Langley Services Club. Club contacts - please ensure you have your Team Application Forms and £65 per team fee. 


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    03 Jun 2019

    Fantastic turn-out for this year's End-of-Season Party and Presentation. 92 attended. To see photos of the trophy winners please go to the Fun Page. 

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    30 Apr 2019
    ALL RESULTS FOR 2018/19

    Premier Champions                      Cotterells

    Runners-up                                    Bushey CC A

    3rd Place                                         Ricky RBL A

    Best Ind performance                   Pete Blythe

    Highest break                                Sammy Sefeldin (96)


    Div 1 Champions                            Bore’wood RBL

    Runners-up                                     Ricky RBL B

    3rd Place                                          Kings Langley C

    Best Ind. Performance                   Matt Saunders Bore’wood RBL

    Highest Break                                 Steve Bartropp (B’wood RBL (64)


    Div 2 Champions                            Bore’wood Social A

    Runners-up                                     Chorleywood

    3rd Place                                          Bore’wood Social B

    Best Ind. Performance                   Justin Terry B’wood Social A

    Highest Break                                 Gary Bell  B’wood Social A (49)


    Noel Heelis Trophy                        Steve Bartropp Bore’wood RBL (112)


    Challenge Cup         Champions - Cotterells, Runners-Up - Glenn Social A


    Challenge Cup Plate      Champions - Kings Langley C, Runners-Up - Ricky RBL B


    Ted Higgins Trophy      Champions - Borehamwood Social A, Runners-Up - Borehamwood Social B


    Singles Championship      Champion - Karl Townsend (Ricky RBL), Runner-up - Paul Stockwell (Glenn)


    Singles Handicap       Champion - Darren Grieves (Glenn), Runner-up - Gary Scott (Bushey CC)


    Pairs Handicap        Champions - Andrew Scott/Beau Quigley Glenn) Runners-up Paul Stockwell/Leigh Griffiths (Glenn)


    ColbourneTrophy (2-man)          Champions - Dave Maley and Danny Brocklehurst (Abbots), Runners-up - Dave Jones and Shaun Mills (Rickmansworth CC)


    3-Man Team        Champions - Andrew Scott, Darren Grieves and Brett Richards, (Glenn), Runners-up - Mark Greatbatch, John Smyley and Mark Elliott (Kings Langley C)


    Over 45's handicap       Champion - Gary Scott (Bushey CC) Runner-up - Andy Chichester (St Albans CC)


    Alan Sharp Trophy       Champion - Paul Dean (Boxmoor), Runner-up - John Smyley Kings Langley


    Roy Couch Trophy (Under 30's handicap)       Champion - Andrew Scott (Glenn), Runner-up - Beau Quigley (Glenn)


    Billiards         Champion - Ade Poulter (St Albans CC), Runner-up - Dave Maley (Abbots Langley)


    Gordon Wilson Memorial Trophy (Over 60's) Champion - Steve Grover (Bushey CC), Runner-up - John Smyley (Kings Langley)



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    05 Mar 2019


    END OF SEASON PARTY (and presentation and buffet)

    LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AND DJ - same band as last year due to popular demand

    Sat 11th May 20197.30 until late at Kings Langley Services Club, 3 Hempstead Road, Herts WD4 8BJ. £14.00



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    10 Jan 2019

    On Sunday 20th January 2019 Steve Bartropp is the Watford League's representative in the Interleague Champion of Champions at Racks Snooker Club in Maidenhead. Good luck to Steve!

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    10 Jan 2019

    21st Nov 2018.    Big congrats to Steve Bartropp for a fantastic 112 break in his Singles Championship match tonight (21/11/18) against Dave Hart. In what sounds like an incredible match fit for the final, defending Champion Steve amazingly still went on to lose his title due to Dave's almost as impressive 84 break, who nicked a 3-2 win.   Wow guys!

    10th Jan 2019 .. Not quite enough to beat Steve's highest break above, but last night Paul Stockwell got a fantatic 110 in the Singles Championship. Well done Stocks!


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    28 Oct 2018


    Congratulation to both Watford teams for a fantastic performance in the Interleague Championships in Maidenhead this weekend.


    The 'A' team of Paul Stockwell, Steve Bartropp, Andrew Scott and Mark Worley had a very tough group but performed extremely well. They drew 4-4 in their opening match with the eventual finalists Thames Valley A, lost narrowly 5-3 to semi-finalists Eastbourne, and again a 5-3 loss against a very tough Harrow side could have gone either way, before thumping Milton Keynes B 8-0. Special mentions to Mark Worley won 6 out of his 8 matches and Steve Bartropp had the team's highest break of 57.


    Now to the 'B' team of Dave Maley, Steve Gibbs, Danny Brocklehurst and Jeff Worts. What a day they had in the group stage. They opened with a 6-2 thumping of Milton Keynes 'A', and then performed admirably against eventual winners and last year's winners Byfleet going down 5-3. Next up was Oxford, with the boys winning 5-3, and ending the day winning 5-3 against Thames Valley B. This left them in 2nd place behind Byfleet to qualify for Sunday's semi finals.

    Special mention to Dave Maley who ended the group stage with an outstanding 7 wins out of 8, and Danny with 6 out of 8.

    Sunday's semi final against Thames Valley A saw our boys going down 5-1, with Steve Gibbs winning one of his two frames.


    A fantastic performance by both teams, who did our League proud!

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    07 Sep 2018

    As you know, the league now starts on Thursday 27th September. New handbooks and score cards will be available for each Club Rep to collect at Kings Langley Services Club on Wednesday 19th September from 7.30. We will also have hard copies of the new Handicap List (same list for league and competitions). Can I suggest that - if possible - you put these up permanently at your club so that you can refer to them at each league match.

    Any completed Competition Forms can also be collected on the night. Cheers!

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    31 Aug 2018

    The handicap list - for all league matches and competitions - can now be found on the 'handicaps' page of the Competions section.

    Team Captains will be provided with a copy of this list with the handbooks before the start of the season to refer to during league matches. 

    Please remember that this is a work in progress and the handicaps were decided by the 15 ish members that turned up at the meeting, which was open to all to attend - not as a result of only a few. Thanks!

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    24 Aug 2018


    The Watford and District Billiards and Snooker League takes your privacy seriously. We are a ‘controller’ of the personal information that you provide to us and this privacy notice sets out how, why and for how long we will use your personal data, as well as who it is shared with. It also explains your legal rights as a data subject and how to exercise them.


    What we need from you

    When you choose to play in the Watford and District Billiards and Snooker League we may ask you for some or all of the following personal information:

    * Contact details – name, address, email address and phone number, date of birth – to check competition qualifying categories.

    If you do not provide us with some or all of the personal information that we need, this may affect our ability to allow you to play in the league or enter competitions.


    Why we need your personal information – legitimate purposes

    We also process our members’ personal information in pursuit of our legitimate interests to provide you with news and updates about the members’ events and meetings and to respond to and investigate your questions, comments, complaints, concerns or allegations.


    Other uses of your personal information

    We may ask you if we can process your personal information for other purposes. Where we do so, we will provide you with an additional privacy notice explaining how we will use your information for these purposes.


    Third party suppliers with access to members’ personal data

    In the event that we share personal information with external third parties, we only share such information strictly required for the specific purpose of snooker-related matters and take reasonable steps to ensure recipients shall only process the disclosed personal information in accordance with those purposes.


    How we protect your personal information

    Your personal information is available to our members on the Watford and District Billiards and Snooker League website to show statistics and in order to contact you on snooker related matters only. This information is available to view by all members. The website is also an ‘open’ website, so it can be accessed freely by anyone.


    You have a right to:

    * Change your communication preferences or restrict the processing of your personal data for specific purposes

    * Request that we correct your personal data if you believe it is inaccurate or incomplete

    * Request that we delete your personal information


    How you can contact us: Roger Jashek, Secretary of the Watford and District Billiards and Snooker League:

    Tel: 07944181237


    If you are dissatisfied, you have a right to raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office at


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    10 Aug 2018

    Bullet points of the AGM held on Thurs 5th July:
    • All three divisions will be played with individual player handicaps for one trial season.
    •  Each player will be assessed at the Handicap Meeting before the start of the season. Any additional players added throughout the season will play off ‘scratch’ until they can be assessed at the half-way point (December) at a further Handicap Meeting.
    * Any player not known to the Committee will also play 'off scratch' until the December review.
    • Challenge Cup and Plate (but not the Ted Higgins) will now be played with individual player handicaps. Hopefully this will encourage more entries and less walkovers/matches conceded by teams in the lower divisions with every team having a chance of winning.
    • The Under 25’s competition will now be the Under 30’s, to encourage more entries.

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    10 Aug 2018

    Please see below the rule changes as agreed at the AGM. The most significant one is regarding postponing matches, so it is now in your interests to fulfil the fixture - even if you only have 4 players.




    4.3 At least three players from both teams must be present before a match can commence. Any team knowingly fielding less than five players should before the start of play notify the opposing captain.


    4.9 Seven clear days' notice shall be given to the opposing team captain and the Fixture Secretary of a postponed match. In the event of a team postponing a match, they will on the first occasion be deducted one point and on a second or subsequent occasion a two point deduction may apply. In exceptional circumstances (i.e. bad weather), the seven days' notice of postponement may be waived at the discretion of the Committee.




    6.2 In general snooker competitions will consist of the best of five frames up to and including the quarter final. Apart from the Colbourn trophy which will be the best of five frames in all rounds. The doubles will be played as the third frame. The three man team handicap will also be the best of seven frames in all rounds. The semi final and finals of all individual competitions will be the best of seven frames.


    Also, a reminder of the following: 

    * No mobile phones should be used for any purpose within the vicinity of the match table.

    * Also, team captains, if you see a member of your team using a phone, or your player is standing over/near the object pocket of the opponent, or moving when your opponent is taking their shot, it is your responsibility to speak them.


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